Welcome to the BidCQ!

You will receive an email from a CalcuQuote user when a bid request is sent. You will click on Access BOM and be directed to create your account in bidCQ.

Upon the first time navigating to BidCQ, you will be redirected to a Welcome page. Here you will create and confirm your password and click Register.

Next, you will need to navigate to your email account and click the activation link.

This will redirect you to your dashboard and profile for the Bid Portal.

  • Populate the account profile fields

  • Required fields: First/Last Name, Company Name, Country and Zip Code

Creating and confirming your account is the first step. Now, you can begin to use bidCQ:

  • Bid summary is the main view that will display all bid requests

  • Click on the bid status to open a request

  • Once a bid is opened, Bid Information is displayed to show:

  1. Who submitted the bid

  2. Due Date

  3. Quote ID

  4. Assembly ID

  5. Line Items

  • Exit out of the Bid Information to view the full bid request

Populate the bid sheet

Populate the information in the white cells for the quantity(s):

  • Unit Price

  • Min

  • Mult

  • Stock

  • Lead Time (Days)

  • UOM

  • Package

  • Notes

Add Alternate Part

Can’t quote that part? Add a recommended alternate:

  • Alternate Mfgr and Alternate MPN are additional columns

  • If you have an alternate Mfgr and/or MPN, you can add for each row

Export bid sheet

Bid sheets can also be exported into Excel to populate and import:

  • Click Excel in the navigation bar and choose Export

  • Be sure to keep the template in the original format in order to import

Import bid sheet

Import a completed bid sheet:

  • Click Excel in the navigation bar and choose Import

  • Add Supplier Quote No. if applicable

  • Choose File and click Import

Submit bid sheet

Once the information is populated in the bid view and is ready to be sent back to the customer, click Submit

Access our support team real-time by clicking the chat icon in the bottom left corner

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