QuoteCQ's AutoSelect feature allows you to select pricing quickly and easily by filtering out undesired price results and giving preference to other results.

To use the AutoSelect feature, navigate to the Materials Costing tab and click the AutoSelect Button.

A popup will appear to choose how you would like to use the AutoSelect.

Preset filters are available for Time Sensitive and Price Sensitive.

Or, set your own filters and preferences for this specific quote using Advanced Options.

Under Advanced Options, users can add filters, which will exclude price results that fall within the selected parameters and set preferences for which options to be selected.

You can add a filter by clicking the '+' icon, or delete a filter by clicking the 'x' icon.

After you have selected one or more filters, add at least one preference.

A preference is the most important criteria as the system will choose the price with this preference out of the filtered results.

QuoteCQ allows you may have multiple preferences that prioritize from top to bottom.

*Note: you can run specific AutoSelect criteria on All Line Items, Unselected Cells, or Specific Quantity columns by clicking on the dropdown in the bottom left.

Users can also view the criteria that has been previously used on this quote as well as save the criteria that they use most.

To view criteria that has been used, click into the AutoSelect popup.

In the bottom of the pop up, click Recent Auto Select Prices. If a criteria has been used on this quote, you will see the user who ran the criteria and the time it was completed. By clicking on one of the options, you can see the breakdown of the filters and preferences used.

To save certain criteria, first populate the screen with the filters and preferences that you would like to save. Click the blue + icon in the top right. Give the save criteria a name. Click the blue checkmark icon in the top right and it will save this criteria in your dropdown.

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