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CalcuQuote QuoteCQ Open APIs
CalcuQuote QuoteCQ Open APIs

Below you can see the API actions possible for QuoteCQ

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The list below represents current CalcuQuote APIs available for QuoteCQ. For technical documentation and testing, you can go to:

For North and South America:

For Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia:

List of APIs:


  • RFQ/Search: Get a list of all RFQs (based on a given filter). This can be used for information from the RFQ List.

  • RFQ/Create: Create an RFQ with provided detail.

  • RFQ/Get: Get details of single RFQ with provided ID.

  • RFQ/Update: Update/change RFQ form values changes - including the checklist builder fields which will be created blank.

  • RFQ/RFQ Status: Get the current status for existing RFQ.

  • RFQ/MPN Reference: Search MPNs across all RFQs to identify which RFQs the MPN has been referenced.

  • RFQ/Clone: Clone any existing RFQ.


  • Document/Upload: Upload documents for specific RFQID/AssemblyID

  • AssemblyDocument/GetAll: Get document/attachment details for specific RFQ ID.

  • AssemblyDocument/Delete: Delete document/attachment details for specific RFQ ID.


  • BOM/Update: Update a BOM with provided details.

  • BOM/Delete: Delete a BOM with provided details.

  • BOM/Get: Get a BOM with Assembly ID.

  • BOM/Create: Create a BOM with provided details.


  • Labor/GetQuestions: Get all configured labor questions to be displayed.


  • PCB/GetPCBFields: Get all configured PCB questions (checklist builder type)

  • GetPCBCost: Calculate PCB cost by evaluating with Suppliers PCB formulas and then return the cost as a result of the API.


  • PartSearch/Assembly: Start update pricing on specific assembly ID.

  • PartSearch/ManualPrice: Manually add price to a line item or mark aNo Bid.

  • PartSearch/LineItem: Start update pricing on provided line item.


  • Pricing/Status: Check status of update pricing along with percentage complete.


  • AutoSelect/Initiate: Start AutoSelect on provided assembly ID with given Criteria and Preferences.

  • AutoSelect/GetSettings: Get all available Criteria and Preferences which can be used to initiate AutoSelect.

  • AutoSelect/Status: Check status of AutoSelect (Complete or Incomplete).


  • CostedBOM/Get: Get costed BOM for provided Assembly ID.


  • NRE/Create: Add NRE(s) for provided Assembly ID.

  • NRE/Update: Update NRE(s) for provided Assembly ID.

  • NRE/Delete: Delete NRE(s) for provided Assembly ID.

  • NRE/GetAll: Get NRE(s) for provided Assembly ID.


  • ClearCache: Clear the cache

  • Misc/OrderType: Get all available Order Types from configuration.

  • Misc/QuoteType: Get all available Quote Types from configuration.

  • Misc/Customer: Get all available Customers from configuration.

  • Misc/CustomerContacts: Get all available Customer Contacts from configuration.

  • Misc/Suppliers: Get all available Suppliers from configuration.

  • Misc/SupplierContacts: Get all available Supplier Contacts from configuration.

  • Misc/JobType: Get all available Job Types from configuration.

  • Misc/PartClass: Get all available Part Class(es) from configuration.

  • Misc/PartType: Get all available Part Type(s) from configuration.

  • Misc/UOMs: Get all available UOM(s) from configuration.


  • Summary/Update: Update summary costs for provided Assembly ID.

  • Summary/Get: Get summary costs for provided Assembly ID.

  • Summary/UpsertMiscellaneous: Insert and/or update miscellaneous costs on the summary tab.

  • Summary/DeleteMiscellaneous: Delete miscellaneous costs on the summary tab.

You can reference swagger for more information.

For more questions on CalcuQuote APIs, reach out to our team using the in-app chat or

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