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Office Hours: Package Quoting
Office Hours: Package Quoting

Learn more about the benefits of our new Package Quoting feature and see it in action.

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Time Stamps:

1:19 Background on Package Quoting

4:54 Benefits of Package Quoting

6:00 Starting a Package Quote

6:40 Defining a quote as a Package Quote

8:06 Building out assemblies

8:55 Entering BOMs

11:23 Defining quantities for each Package

22:59 Calculating labor in a Package Quote

27:08 Package Quote summary tab

30:35 Generating report

32:52 Downloading the costed BOM


13:42 Can you go back and add another Package?

Yes, you can modify by returning to the RFQ list and adding an additional package configuration. Click the plus sign to add another assembly, and then adjust the quantity breakdown if needed by clicking on “Multiple.”

14:51 Why would you use Package Quoting instead of multi-assembly consolidation?

The biggest differentiator and advantage of Package Quoting is being able to have different quantities or even exclude assemblies from Package configurations. In other words, you don’t have to have a consistent ratio among the different assemblies.

14:53 Would making a change to the configuration of quantities void pricing if we had already run and awarded pricing?

To accurately account for any quantity-based discounts or savings, you would need to refresh the pricing after making changes to the quantities of assemblies.

15:58 Will this functionality combine like part numbers from multiple BOMs and amortize the cost across the Package Quote?

Yes, in the BOM line item column you can see the comma separated line item numbers from across the entire Package. Total quantities and pricing are determined at the Package level.

16:40 For sub-assemblies, if the sub is 2 per, do you note at the assembly level or when setting Package quantities?

Similar to multi-level BOMs, you would add a sub-assembly and the quantity per would be set to “2.”

17:20 Will there be a limit on the quantities or BOM lines?

No, the limit does not exist.

17:45 Would a sent bid sheet be voided if I update the quantities?

Yes, if you change the assemblies, the bid sheet would reset so suppliers can ensure they provide the correct information and pricing.

20:09 How is excess amortized for parts common to multiple BOMS?

Because it is a Package Quote, and the expectation is that it is quoted and purchased as a package, it is amortized across the entire assembly at the Package level.

21:42 Does the material tab roll up the same manufacturing part number if other columns are not exactly the same - specifically part class, lead/attrition rate?

Yes, it will consolidate on the MPN regardless of the other values.

24:25 If two top-level assemblies share the same sub-assembly, will we have to change the name of one of the sub-assemblies?

You can have the same name, but you can’t import at the same time. You don’t need to create a new name if you upload the assemblies separately.

25:44 Is there a way to separate and review pricing on each assembly individually?

Because the quote is consolidated at the Package level, each assembly’s pricing is not broken out. This is our recommended use so that your quoted price accurately reflects what you would purchase. However, you can set up a separate assembly and copy over the BOM using historical pricing to find assembly-level pricing.

27:46 If Package 1 has a certain quantity, and no single supplier has sufficient stock, will you get an average price across several suppliers?

The feature does not provide an average price or quote multiple suppliers, since the pricing is at the quoting stage and stock levels may change. We suggest quoting the highest price from the supplier that has available stock, so that way your costs are covered if you can’t purchase all of the needed stock from the lower-price suppliers.

35:07 I have several different final assemblies, but is there a way to consolidate and quote for economies of scale?

We did not build in this functionality to prevent quoting with price breaks tied to the full quantity that no longer apply if you don’t wind up purchasing altogether, which would now be at a higher price.

38:18 What is the purpose of zeroing out an assembly?

You can zero out an assembly and not have it impact the overall materials cost because it’s not factored into the Package at all.

39:07 In a Package Quote, could we have an annual total of parts that we request a consistent portion of at regular intervals throughout the year?

This is handled in a Package Quote the same way you would handle a multi-assembly quote - we suggest quoting to reflect how you would purchase/what you’re committed to.

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