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Setting up your Manex API
Setting up your Manex API
Instructions to generating your Manex API key
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Interested in connecting QuoteCQ and Manex? Here is the values you can pull in on your BOM:

  • Part Number

  • Description

  • UOM

  • Purchase UOM

  • Order policy

  • Package

  • Inventory note

  • Buyer type

  • On hand stock

  • Doc lead time

  • Standard cost

  • Standard cost date

  • Minimum order

  • Order multiple

  • User cost

  • Abc value

  • Panel count

  • Status

  • PCBlayer

  • Part specs

  • Inspection req

  • Certification req

  • Certification type

  • Customer rev

  • User feedback

  • Part last changed date

  • Part last changed by

  • Target price

  • Target price date

  • Material type

  • Part created date

  • Instore part

  • Part class

  • Part type

  • Customer pn

  • Attrition %

  • Lead qty

Here are instructions to generate an API key in Manex:

You'll need to have access to SQL Server Management Studio, your Manex Database, and your network firewall settings.

  1. Create a manex user and assign permissions (currently, only inventory permissions are needed)

  2. Go to SQL database, and enter query "Select * from aspnet_profile" to identify the user

3. Note the UserId for the user you just created.

4. Run the following transaction in sql database to enter the API key:

"Update ASPNET_Profile set ApiKey = 'YOUR API KEY' where UserId = 'USER ID VALUE';"

We will need you to send:

  • Web manex url

  • API key

The IP address that may access your servers to synchronize the data are:


Production IPs


Therefore, you'll need to open up your firewall to that IP address for the web port which web manex is using.

Once we do this, we'll be able to look up your manex part numbers based on the MPN you enter into CalcuQuote.

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