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How to: Submit Pricing for a PCB
How to: Submit Pricing for a PCB
PCB Bid Sheet Instructions for Suppliers
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You should have received an email from your customer or a no-reply CalcuQuote address asking you to submit a bid sheet for a PCB. If so, the email should include a link to open a web view with the customer's requirements for the board.

1. Once you have successfully created a free account and logged in, you should see your account Summary. You will have 4 columns in your dashboard: 1) The CalcuQuote Quote ID and Assembly ID, 2) the Company who sent it, 3) when the bid sheet is due, and 4) the status of the bid sheet.

On the summary page, you will be able to view all of your Open, In Progress, and Closed bid sheets. Use the Open and Close buttons in Bid Summary in the top left-hand column to toggle between bid sheets with different statuses. Depending on the status view, use dropdown next to Customer Bids on the left-hand side to sort by Alphabetical or Lines.

2. To view a bidsheet, click into any cell for that line. Once you have clicked into a bid, you can quickly see the Bid Information: both who sent the bid and information on the bid itself. To exit the Bid Information view, click the 'x' in the top right or click anywhere on the screen.

3. You will be able to view the bid sheet here, and you will be able to fill out all the relevant fields in bidCQ:

While on this screen, you are able to edit the PCB requirements that you’re able to provide. Please note that the dimensions for the board is a required field, and the fields in gray (Turn Time and Turn Time UOM) are set fields and cannot be edited, however you are able to add in additional times below by using the + sign to the right.

After submission, the bid will be sent back to the customer with the newly populated data to compare to the original data requested if there were any changes.

4. Once you’ve completed the bid, you’ll be able submit via the button in the upper right hand corner. You will be asked to enter your name in the "Authorized By" field and a quote number if applicable.

5. After submitting your bid sheet, the bid will be marked as submitted and moved to the closed section of bid sheets.

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