What's new in QuoteCQ?

We've been busy in 2021! Check out the information below for what's new in our second update in January.

Import the BOM with no MPN: Ever get BOMs from your customer without an MPN for one or more lines which requires you to research alternates before you load the BOM into QuoteCQ? We've reworked the BOM import/scrub process so that you can load the BOM into QuoteCQ so that you can start working on the quote immediately.

Suggest MPN by Description: Now that you've loaded a BOM where you do not have an MPN on one or more lines - we have a solution for that too! Using the APIs on the BOM tab, you can now suggest MPNs based on description. And don't worry, the features works even if you have great customers (like we do) and they've provided an MPN for every line item.

PCB Mins/Mults: Capturing excess board cost is now available on the PCB tab both when adding a price manually and when your vendors submit the RFQ in BidCQ. Plug in the mins/mults based on the array when adding the price and CalcuQuote will do the rest by calculating and amortizing the excess board cost into the unit price so that your calculator can keep collecting dust in your desk.

PCB Reports: The costed BOM and report builder reports on the material costing tab will also now capture the mins, mults, and order QTY when you're dealing with excess boards.

PCB Turn Time: Now when you are quoting a standard vs expedited build, you can request the the same PCB turn from your vendors. And don't worry, you can still request different PCB turn times for the assembly turn times.

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