February is the month of love - we worked hard to show you how much we love our customers! Check out what's coming out in our February release.

What's new in QuoteCQ?

BOM Info 2.0 - using the suppliers APIs, you can now pull supplier description, lifecycle status, and more on the BOM tab as you analyze the customer BOM.

PCB Financial Metrics - the summary totals, such revenue and profit, now include the PCB costing and pricing strategy from the newly introduced PCB module.

Character Expansion - user account data now allows for accented characters, non-US characters, and more. In other words, if your name is Olli Rimpiläinen or 麦克风, you can now add it in CalcuQuote. And before you ask - customer, suppplier, and company data are next in line.

Feature Previews - ever wonder what other features in QuoteCQ exist? We are now starting to spotlight features within the application so that you can take advantage of the all the incredible features our team has built.

Large BOMs - you asked for CQ to handle larger BOMs, we delivered. The code has been reworked on all modules to improve performance so that you can leverage CQ to handle larger projects.

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