This month has flown by! Check out the cool features being released in March 2021 in CalcuQuote! Have feedback on how we can make CQ even better?

What's new in QuoteCQ?

Character Expansion (continued) - customer and supplier data now allows for accented characters, non-US characters, and more. In other words, if your supplier contact is Olli Rimpiläinen or your customer is 麦克风, you can now add it in CalcuQuote.

View Machine Learning Source Confidence Rating when running Scrub my BOM > CQ Prediction so that you can identify where your historical does not match the prediction and the confidence rating when classifying parts.

Supplier Contacts now assigned at the Company level - if you have multiple sites connected in CalcuQuote, you can now associate which rep(s) work with each location using CalcuQuote.

What's new in ShopCQ?

Multi currency support - now you can choose the currency you want to checkout and place the order with. We take care of the conversion rate automatically so that you can place orders at the same pace as before.

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