Guess what time it is?!?!?! It's time to check out all the new features being released in CalcuQuote in April! Have feedback on how we can make CQ even better?

What's new in QuoteCQ?

Suggest MPN Description - Now after running Suggest MPN by Description, lines where we were able to find potentials MPNs will have a lightbulb indicator in order to pull up the suggestions.

Lifecycle Status - identify potential issues on the BOM by running BOM Info to pull lifecycle status. Any line with a potential issue will automatically be flagged with a warning symbol so that you can take action.

MPN Description Analysis - Compare the description imported with your BOM to the description returned for the MPNs when running BOM Info. Using this feature, you'll be able to review any potential discrepancies in the descriptions when validating the customer's BOM. You can also substitute the description imported with the supplier description (and yes, you can even substitute a blank imported description).

Line Card Configuration is now managed at the supplier level instead of the supplier contact level. Now, when you add a new supplier contact to Bob's Burgers - their line card is already configured (assuming the line card was already configured for Bob's Burgers).

Character Expansion (continued) - your company now allows for accented characters, non-US characters, and more. In other words, if your company is located in Jyväskylä or your company name is 麦克风, you can now add it in CalcuQuote.

What's new in ShopCQ?

New PDF version of PO - we've taken your feedback and reformatted the PDF version of the PO! It will definitely make your jaw drop while providing additional value such as supporting currency conversion and multiple delivery schedules.

What's new in DevCQ?

TI Store API - welcome to the club Texas Instruments! Be on the lookout from an email from your CQ account manager for how to register soon so that you can have visibility to the TI Store's pricing and availability via API in CQ.

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