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BOM Insights: Scrub my BOM
BOM Insights: Scrub my BOM
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Using BOM Insights > Scrub my BOM, customers can complete the BOM pulling their part data (ie master source, golden BOM, etc.) from a flat file source to the BOM tab in QuoteCQ.

Key Benefits

  • The BOM Insights file can be used as a source in Scrub my BOM so that the user can pull their part classification, leader, and attrition rate for the specific MPNs on their BOM without needing an ERP integration.

  • The company can set this up day one so they are not relying on either CQ historical data when using Scrub my BOM.

  • Lead QTY and Attrition can be set specific to the MPN rather than generalized to component type.

Availability: Advanced and higher

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