What's New in QuoteCQ?

  • DigiKey Quote API: We're excited to announce the integration with the DigiKey Quote API! Receive your MyDigiKey pricing tied to a unique DigiKey quote ID automatically added in your account. When referencing pricing with your rep, this quote ID will allow for better communication with your suppliers. Learn more about what this means here!

  • PCB Upgrades: You shared feedback and we listened! The most recent updates to the PCB tab are below:

    • Edit manual price: Need to change a manual price you added or delete a price to start fresh? Here are instructions on how.

    • Manage PCB Bid Requests: Users can now send bid reminders, cancel bids and view PCB bid sheets in the Bid Management view.

    • List, amortize, or exclude PCB NREs: The functionality we have all been waiting for. Users can now list, amortize or exclude PCB NREs. Learn more here!

    • List, amortize, or exclude excess: Not only can you handle NREs with more strategy, we didn't stop there. Now list, amortize or exclude PCB excess quantity costs as well. Here is how.

    • PCB Parametric Vendor Responses: Your PCB vendors know their stuff. Now see any updates to the PCB parametric information in an individual response from each vendor. Learn more here.

  • Automated Cost Rules: Further automate additional costs added to the summary tab to account for all your costs! Learn more here.

  • AutoSelect Lines for bid/other action: Users can now pair leading cost drivers with filters to automatically select specific lines to review, edit and add to a bid sheet. Learn more here.

What's New in ShopCQ?

  • DigiKey Quote API: Similar to the use in QuoteCQ, the new DigiKey Quote API can be used in ShopCQ. After running the DigiKey API, you will see the Quote ID inside the ShopCQ Price Selector for each line that applies. The Quote ID will also be visible on the PO when sent via API.

What's New in DevCQ?

  • ShopCQ Open API V2: We're moving on to version 2 of the ShopCQ API. Using ShopCQ APIs? Check out what you need to know here.

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