What's New in SearchCQ?

  • Column for Company name: We've added the company column to the quote reference section, allowing you to distinguish between multiple sites or companies.

What's New in ShopCQ?

  • Quote expiration column: A column for 'quote expiration' has been added to SCQPS to ensure you know when quotes are about to expire.

  • Acknowledge and submit PO from BidCQ: You can now perform more actions through bidCQ via OpenAPIs!

  • Purchase Order QuoteID field: We've added the 'Quote ID' field to the PDF and Excel Exports of the Purchase order to ensure you know which quote a PO relates to.

What's New in BidCQ?

  • Standardize the available Packaging options: The options for packaging have been standardized for users to select. This will help Quote CQ users make decisions more efficiently and simplify the selection process for BidCQ users.

  • On Order Field improvements: The allowed character count has been increased for quantity on order.

As always, overall updates to all applications were made for better performance and user experience.

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