ConnectCQ allows QuoteCQ users to request the part lists with the sourcing reason from the material costing review screen. Users are able to select lines from each of the filtered views in the review screen. Once lines are added, the mail is sent to the selected supplier. The mail contains a Manual pricing template, which is filled by the supplier. The supplier will revert this template via mail. After importing this template via Action > Manual pricing > Import > Choose the file sent by the supplier > Import pricing, pricing will be shown in the CQ Price selector window.

To use ConnectCQ, follow these instructions:

1. On the Material costing tab, click on the review button.

2. Observe all the filters, mark the lines which you’d like to add to the request list and click on the Add button.

NOTE: ConnectCQ panel will appear at the end of the Review filter list.

3. Once the line is added, You will see the magnifying glass icon on the lines added to the list. The number of added lines is observed from the ConnectCQ panel.

NOTE: There is no save button. So, if you leave the review screen without saving changes you will see this warning. All changes will be lost if you leave before saving.

4. Once you have built your list, click on the eye button. It will display all the requested lines. You can also remove the specific line by mark line > click on the Remove button.

5. Once you have reviewed the lines and are ready to send the Sourcing help request out, click on the “Send Parts List” button.

6. You will see the Supplier Selection popup.

Bid Due Date: By default, the due date is based on RFQ due date and you can adjust accordingly when you need a response by.

Bid Type: You can choose “Bid for Bid” or “bid for Buy” to indicate the priority and intent of the supplier/Broker. Select “Bid for Bid”, if your intention is price only. Select “bid for Buy”, you have an intention to purchase the parts if a “reasonable” offer is given by the supplier/broker.

Select Supplier: As stated previously during this beta release “Astute” is the single option at this time during the beta.

When ready, hit the send button to send an email to the supplier/broker with the requested parts list attached and you will be CC’d as well on the email.

7. The supplier/broker will populate their responses to your requests and then email the Parts request list back to you. In order to add this pricing in CQPS, click on the Action > Manual pricing > Import > Choose the file sent by the supplier > Import pricing.

8. Once the file is imported successfully, you will find the price on the CQ price Selector window.

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