What's New in QuoteCQ?

Configure BidCQ Requirements

To facilitate better collaboration with your suppliers, configure which pricing columns you are requesting. This makes it possible for you to get the data you need in order to make informed sourcing decisions. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Alternate Part Collaboration

It's important for you to have the resources you need to collaborate with your customers for alternate approvals. The Alternate Approval workflow just got easier to work with.

Changes Include:

  • Utilizing YOUR company's branding

  • Consolidating the Alternate and Cross Match Part approvals into one single link

  • Adding a report for traceability in QuoteCQ

  • Updating the column model based on your feedback.

Say goodbye to relying on outdated tools like email to manage this workflow. CLICK HERE to learn more.

MPN Health Score

The volatility of today's market has resulted in the need for a detailed check of the overall health of your sourcing decisions. To solve this problem, we set out to create a scorecard and added values to 13 different data points.

Examples include:

  • Component availability

  • Lifecycle status

  • Number of supplier sources

  • Many more

All of these data points are considered in order to score the overall health of your sourcing decision, ranging from 0 to 100 (Hint: You want to avoid 0 and be as close as you can to 100.) In addition, we added a filter on the Material Review screen, meaning you have a filtered-down list of lines with a score of less than 50. This means you will know where to focus your attention and which sourcing decisions carry more risk.

What's New in ShopCQ?

Add/Edit Note for Sent Order:

We have added a new note section for sent purchase orders and the MPN, which means the workflow of the order status is now easier to track and follow.

To add/edit any note for the desired line, hover over the lines, enabling the note symbol to appear. This way, you can add notes for PO and MPN.

New Sections to Define ShopCQ Terms and Conditions:

You are no longer bound to one source for terms and conditions! Customer terms are unique and so are your supplier terms. Users now have separate terms and conditions for quoting vs. purchasing. Purchasing terms and conditions can be viewed by your supplier through the bidCQ portal and viewed by you in your interface. To learn how to add ShopCQ Terms and Conditions, CLICK HERE.

Download PDFs for Sent POs:

Need your PO after it's been sent? Now you can download it as a PDF!

To download, click on the PDF symbol from the Actions column.

What's New in DevCQ?

Sager Contract Pricing API

We are excited to announce Sager has released a new contract pricing API! Let the celebration continue as the electronics supply chain continues to move towards digitalization! Be on the lookout for instructions on how to register for the API from your CQ Account Manager.

What's New in PortCQ?

Alternate Part Suggestions

Do your customers need your help to solve BOM-related problems due to lifecycle status or component availability? Now, when your customer has an alert on a line item due to lifecycle or component availability concerns, they can use our alternate part suggestions (powered by machine learning and data lookups,) to find your customer alternate MPNs. After they add the parts to the BOM, we'll rerun pricing to see if the alternates added clear the alerts. Think of this as taking collaboration with your customers to the next level - and we're thrilled to lend you a hand!

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