What's New in QuoteCQ?

Add NREs to BOM Line Items

Quoting teams, rejoice! To continue delivering on our end-to-end RFQ management solution, we've made it possible to manage NREs from your suppliers at the line item level when costing parts. Now, you will have a way to add an NRE when editing or adding a price in the CQ Price Selector, instead of using workarounds for documentation. On the summary screen, one line will be added to the material section to total up the NREs added during material costing, and you will be able to set the charge type. Think one and done. We like to keep things simple for you. We'll also be adding the capabilities for suppliers to include NREs from BidCQ in September, so you can look forward to improving the collaboration between you and your suppliers. For more information, click here.

Automated Bid Reminders

225%. Hard to imagine, right? Due to supply chain disruptions, we have seen, on average, a 225% increase in BidCQ utilization per customer over the past 12 months with the number of suppliers providing pricing via BidCQ spiking 248% over that same duration. This increase got us thinking we should help automate tasks wherever possible to ensure you are getting pricing responses back before the bid due date. Enter automated bid reminders. You can now specify the number of days prior to the bid due date to automate and send a bid reminder if your supplier has not yet submitted pricing. We set the default as 2 days, but you can make updates to fit your needs. No one likes to operate in crunch time, so we're here to help you get (and stay) ahead. Click here to read more.

What's New in ShopCQ?

PO History

Transparency is key. In order to give you increased visibility into the status of your POs, we have updated the PO history by logging and showing updates to the orders placed within ShopCQ, regardless of if the order was placed via API or BidCQ. The traceability of orders placed is critical - so we're here to help you visualize and track your order updates.

In Stock Added to Demand Grid

You spoke. We took action. Customers have been requesting to have visibility of the stock position from their selected supplier visible from the demand grid for a while now, and we make it a point to listen. This allows you to identify potential sourcing issues and take action right away.

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