What's New in QuoteCQ?

Add NREs to BOM Line Items

We delivered on our promise found in the August 2022 release notes to continue working on functionality related to adding NREs to BOM Line Items in order to deliver to you a comprehensive solution. With the most recent round of updates, suppliers will be able to add NREs in BidCQ and you'll be able to include NREs with manual price uploads.

Target Price Management

  • As electronics supply chain becomes more global, we've heard from our customers that many of you need to control the target price currency at the MPN level rather than at the assembly level in order to compare last time buy or standard costs against the material price today.

  • You'll have the ability to set or update the target price/target price currency from the BOM tab.

  • You'll now be able to pull the target price/target price currency from BOM Insights so that you don't have to dig through your ERP and manually look up the target price per MPN before loading the BOM into CQ. It is just one more reason to configure BOM Insights if you haven't already.

What's New in ShopCQ?

Supplier ID

In order to get purchase orders back into an ERP, many of you need to have a supplier id from the 3rd party system. In CQ, you can set this as the "External ID" in the supplier configuration. The ShopCQ exports and open APIs will now include this ID in order to further optimize the connection between CQ and your 3rd party systems.

On Order ETA and QTY

In case you've been living under a rock for the past few years, the rest of us have had a blast with the component shortages. In ShopCQ, we've added visibility to the On Order ETA and QTY provided in the supplier API responses. This will give you more a comprehensive view on those out of stock parts as you make sourcing decisions.

Preferred Suppliers

Using your configured supplier preference, buyers in ShopCQ will be able to add a filter when using Auto Select for preferred suppliers.

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