What's New in QuoteCQ?

WireMasters API

Are you tired of sourcing wire and cable manually? Well that's a thing of the past! That's right, folks! It is happening! WireMasters has released a customer specific API and we're ready to get it added to your account.

WireMasters, Inc.

Connect with your Account Manager or reach out using the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the application to get started.

Rochester API

File:Rochester Electronics Logo.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Rochester has upgraded their connection to have more real time pricing than the original connection! Talk with your Account Manager or reach out using the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the application to get it requested.

Texas Instruments Quote API Update - see your End Customer!

Now users with the TI Quote API will be able to see their end customer after running the API. Look for the "Q" next to the Supplier when in CQ Price Selector to let you know that line was priced with the QuoteAPI and to check out the "End Customer" column.

New Open API for Costed BOM in the Original Currency

We understand that business is done all over the world! 🌍 Sometimes this means needing to source components from various places. We have now added the ability to use an API connection to gather your Costed BOM with the original currency from the supplier.

You can find this new API and our other open APIs to connect with your internal systems on our Swagger page linked below:

What’s New in ShopCQ?

Attach Documents to POs:

We understand that terms and conditions can vary with each PO sent. We now have the ability to attach documents to your POs so you can let your supplier reps know too! Users now have the ability to attach, remove and download files they would like to send along with their desired POs using the Attachment File option before sending. the PO:

PO Status update via the Supplier:

Now your supplier connections are working harder for you! Get the latest status for the line items on your POs using the APIs. Click the "Get Update" button on the right side of the line item when in the Order Status tab:

This will get you the latest status from the suppliers who support status updates. It will also show the time of status last updated:

Editable PO lines:

We understand things change - now users now have the ability to update line items prior to sending the PO when in the Supplier Selected or Assigned to PO status of ShopCQ.

Supplier API Status:

Users can now check the live status of the supplier APIs when updating pricing! This feature will give you a real-time status of the APIs that are running as well as give you the control to stop pricing if needed:

Some pretty great things, right!? Let us know if you have any questions regarding these updates! 👋

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