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Import pricing from the active BID
Import pricing from the active BID
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QuoteCQ users can now import pricing for the MPN from the BID which is sent through other quotes even if the quantities are different. It will pull information such as unit price, quote id, expire date , min , mult , stock , lead time , packaging.

Note: To import pricing from the BID, the MPN should be matched with the MPN requested in the Bid or else it will return no results.

Here are the steps:

  1. Select the desired lines from the Material costing tab

  2. Click on update pricing

3. Uncheck all selections

4. Check the historical options

5. Select the source of Price as “Bid Sheets”

6. Select the desired Pricing options

  • All: this will list all the quotes which have active BIDs.

  • Selecting Pricing: this will list the quotes where the pricing is selected from BID

7. Click on the search button

8. Select the quote from which you want to import the pricing

9. And click on submit.

It will return the price if the MPN matches with the selected quoted BID. This pricing can be identified from the Historical DisplayAssemblyID column in CQ Price Selector window which will also display the assembly ID from which it is imported.

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