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How to handle unassigned MFGRs from the BOM tab
How to handle unassigned MFGRs from the BOM tab
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The new window has been invented to assign Manufacturer Group to Mfgr which are not assign to any supplier or mfgr group. To handle such Mfgr, follow the below steps:

  1. Click on Action button from BOM tab

  2. Select Unassigned Manufacturers screen

3. It will only list the line items for which Mfgr is not assigned to any Mfgr groups.

4. Click on the Manufacturer Group column which will give the drop-down. This drop-down lists all the Mfgr group, and QuoteCQ user can assign any one Mfgr group to any one line.

Note: If BOM has been submitted and then after assigning Mfgr won’t reflect on the material costing tab. In such case user need to resubmit the BOM.

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