What's New in SearchCQ?

Still cannot find stock for your "golden screw"? It's now easier to add to WatchCQ from SearchCQ!

What's New in QuoteCQ?

New Multi-Site Configuration Abilities!

You are growing more than ever and now you have multiple sites - many things might vary depending on what site you're doing business out of.

Companies now have the ability to set up not only Labor per site, but AutoMark Up Rules, Automated Cost Rules, NREs AND Weighted Cost Rules!

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Sound like dream come true? Reach out to your Account Manager or via the in app chat to learn more!

Manual Pricing Update: Add multiple price breaks

QuoteCQ users now have the ability to add in price breaks when adding in a manual price. Now from one window, you'll be able to define pricing, min/mults, and now the price breaks without having to add in separate lines.



Be on the lookout for the Add Price Breaks button when adding manual price!

Edit your Checklist Builder data from any tab

QuoteCQ users can now update the RFQ Checklist data from your RFQ Form! No need to go back - use the "i" icon in your quote to edit.

Add the Assembly Number when sending out bid sheets

Let your suppliers know the Assembly Number for the bid request on the email receipt. This will add the Assembly Number in the Subject of the email making it easier for everyone to search for!

Add PCB Batch Size

QuoteCQ users can now add PCB Batch size information on the PCB Tab.

PCBs Excess Cost and NREs are now available in all Quote Reports!

It's happening! Check out your quote reports to now see the PCB Excess and NRE Costs if they've been listed:

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Use the All Pricing Report from the Materials tab to Import Selections!

QuoteCQ users will now have the ability to use the All Pricing Report to import selections via the "Is Selected" column of that report!

Mark the column as True, import that file and BAM! 💥 Your selections have been made!

What's New in ShopCQ?

Multiple users can run Update Pricing simultaneously

The Update pricing functionality now works independently for each line which means two or more users can run update pricing simultaneously for the desired lines.

Note: When User1 initiates pricing for line1, User2 can not perform any action for line2 as it’s disabled because of pricing initiated by user1.

Attention Field Character Counter

Make those OrderAPI calls easier by now knowing the character limit for certain fields - specifically the attention field 😎

Tags on your Excel PO Download

Now see your demand line tags on you Excel PO download:


Cool, right!?

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Send PO to your FTP server for Internal Systems

Now passing POs from ShopCQ to your internal systems has gotten easier!

New functionality has been added to send POs from ShopCQ to your established FTP server. These options will be available while checking out the PO and on PO List if you have this set up!

What's New in DevCQ?

New API connection available for Samtec CSP API

Please reach out to us for setting up the Samtec CSP API.

Check out the current Swagger Pages:

For North and South America: https://apius.calcuquote.com/swagger/

For Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia: https://apieu.calcuquote.com/swagger/

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