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BoardCQ - Buyer User guide
BoardCQ - Buyer User guide
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What is BoardCQ?

BoardCQ designed for efficient communication on RFQ (Request for Quote) related activity between EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturers.

How does it work?

1) Users need to register from the login page if they do not have a CalcuQuote account established.

2) Fill out and submit required data and select “Register”

3) Check email for verification

4) Once your account is successfully created, you can access the login page for BoardCQ at

5) After logging in, you will be redirected to the Buyer Dashboard

How to Start Using Board CQ?


1) You must be a user of CalcuQuote
2) A supplier who is going to use BoardCQ must also be registered with CalcuQuote
3) Supplier & Supplier Contacts must be added to the “My Suppliers” tab within BoardCQ

4) Select “+ Add Supplier”

5) Add the Supplier Name and select the appropriate Supplier Type, then select “Save”

6) After adding the supplier, you will need to add supplier contacts. Select “Yes” to add supplier contacts and complete the required fields.

8) Users can View/Edit the supplier contact on the “My Supplier” tab

How to generate a Quote request?

1) Select the “My Quotes” icon from the left-hand navigation pane, then select “Add PCB Quote”

2) Enter the required quote details

3) After submitting the quote, the “Status” and “Rank” can be viewed on the “My Quotes” tab.

4) Once the Quote is submitted, the Supplier Contact is notified via email from CalcuQuote

5) By clicking the link provided in the email, suppliers are redirected to the supplier dashboard.

How does the user reward the business?

1) Select the “My Quotes” icon from the left-hand navigation pane and choose “Ranking” for the desired quote

2) Choose the appropriate Supplier and select “Award Business” and confirm your selection

3) After the business is awarded by buyer, the Selected Supplier receives an email from CalcuQuote

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