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Sourcing from your Data Source
Sourcing from your Data Source
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QuoteCQ users can pull their own internal information from their Data Source files in the CQPS screen. These file can be your own ERP information or a blanket pricing file from a supplier.

To do so, you need to configure your Data Source from Configurations > Suppliers Data > Data Source.

There are two ways you can upload your files into CalcuQuote:

The main difference is the Automated Data Source will allow you to automatically update the file, meaning the information will be updated periodically without re-importing the file manually.

Once you configure your Data Source, the file's name will show up when you click on the Update Pricing in the Material Costing tab.

After you click submit and the APIs finish, the information from the Data Source will be displayed in the CQPS screen along with the rest of the pricing options.

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